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Prince Hussam bin Saud presents trophy to CPC Director of Business of CSR

Abdulaziz AlAbdullah(grand sin of King Saud )presenting his paper (D200) at the (SGBF) Riyadh yesterday

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Followed with interest the words of invitees for the 'International Conference for the defense of Jerusalem' in the Qatari capital Doha implementation of a decision the recent Arab summit in Sirte, Libya, in solidarity with the city of Jerusalem and to support its steadfastness in the face of Israeli threats, where it was agreed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani In their speeches at the opening of the 'Conference on the need to bring the

“As for education, we have planned a long term strategy and started by opening King Saud University, and ordered the opening of female schools throughout the country, based on Islamic teachings, which encouraged parents to enroll their daughters in large numbers. Technical schools were also inaugurated to prepare our youth to become a work force and help in the industrial and agricultural development of our society.” Part of King Saud seventh speech to his nation in memory of his ascendance to

“We are determined in building our National infrastructure, spread education, construct a strong army, and economy.” A saying by King Saud